Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering
The major constituent of the developing economy of India, as a developing country, is its rapidly growing infrastructure. During last 15 years, India, in its infrastructural development, has seen the construction of Road Network, Bridges, Tunnels, Irrigation projects and a remarkable urban development in terms of establishment of software companies and dwelling units. As a matter of fact constructional activities straightway indicate the economic status of a country. The recent national survey indicates that the requirement of civil engineers against the number of civil engineers produced by different engineering colleges is very large demanding to bridge the gap between the demand and the provision of skilled man power.

Keeping this aspect in mind the course leading to a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering was included among the five Engineering courses started in the year 2013. The department presently has qualified faculty members, having requisite experience, on its roll.

The inputs of the department mainly concentrate upon the all round development of students imparting them the correct skill of learning and inculcating in them the technocratic orientation making them useful for the society.

The academic activities of the department are strongly supported by nicely established laboratories

Infrastructure of the Department:

  • The Department has got 03 classrooms, 01 seminar hall and the required number of laboratories.
  • Each faculty member has been provided with personal computers with internet connection.
  • The department also has got the Wi-Fi provision.
  • The major laboratories of the department are
  • Glimpses of Laboratories………
    Sr. No. Name of Laboratory
    1 Engg. Mechanics
    2 Strength of Material
    3 Surveying
    4 Fluid Mechanics
    5 Environmental Engineering
    6 Geotechnical Engineering
    7 Reinforced Cement Concrete
    8 Transportation Engineering
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