Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering established in 2013 with a clear view of the changing landscape in the technological environment, this department takes a holistic approach in imparting education that is relevant in a world that is thriving on the information revolution. The Internet & other emerging communication technologies have created a world of opportunity in this field. It is now a preferred career option for students.

The Department of Computer Engineering has occupied a prominent place in the field of Computer Engineering. The Department is housed in a separate building. The Department has well equipped laboratories with advanced facilities with latest software to support the syllabus and promote research & consultancy. Personal development of the student is carried out by organizing, representing the National & International level Seminars, Conferences, Workshop, Project Competitions & Software Contest through Departmental Students’ Association ACE.

The department has state-of-the-art laboratories, well qualified and experienced faculties and staff to cater to above requirements. The Department houses a computing center having 180 computers with latest Front-End & Back-End software had kept the students’ knowledge in pace with technology. The Center provides the individual terminal to every student having 24 Hours free open Internet access to 10 Mbps Internet lease line from BSNL. The center of the department possesses state of art computing facility for the students and faculties along with 10 Mbps Internet Connectivity with Wi-Fi facility from BSNL, which serves the College Internet needs.

Departmental Compute Labs are well supplemented by a wide collection of the latest license version of operating systems & software tools like Windows 2003 Server, Microsoft Office 2007, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Oracle 11i, MS-Office 2003, Turbo C/C++, Visual Studio .2008 with MSDN Library, Java code gear, Visual Studio. Net, Anti-virus like Net Protector, Mat lab 2010.

This is an exciting period for Computer Engineering profession as the rapidly changing technology creates many opportunities and challenges. Department of Computer Engineering is prepared to meet the challenges and is playing a leadership role in shaping the education of the 21st century by providing unique educational and research opportunities in the forefront of Computer Engineering.

The objective of the department is to produce engineering graduates with academic excellence, positive attitude, good communication and technical skills enriched with self-confidence.


We envision Producing human individual capable of building prosperous and contentment society and nation playing role of engineers eternally and creates huge opportunities here in Vidarbha in the field of Computer Engineering.


1. To dispense caliber education for developing quality engineers to work in challenging areas.
2. To Impart practical oriented teaching to create engineers eligible for crossing work area boundaries .
3. To bring automation in roots of most possible work areas by training and researching in Computer Engineering field.
4. To apply mentoring each student for understanding loopholes in learning approach.
5. To inject managerial worth into students by participating in college development committee.
6. To uplift innovative research and provide capable engineers for industry and government.
7. To motivate students and staff by moral practicing in intra and inter college activities.
8. To allow students introduction with work field by internship and technical visits to gain knowledge about ground work in industry.