Core Values


Honesty & Integrity :-

MSOET focus on promoting the highest standards of trustworthiness and honesty to guarantee that all members of the community recognize the intrinsic advantages of living these beliefs and to ensure that academic execution is assessed dependably and compensated reasonably.

Excellence :-

MSOET is committed for creating higher benchmarks by exhibiting quality in staffing, facilities, programs, and services.

Equality :-

MSOET focus on making an establishment and a general public where everybody is valued and judged in view of their commitments and execution instead of gender, race, religion, physical capacities, sexual character, or financial condition.

Respect :-

MSOET focus on cultivating a domain in which individual can sustains, treated with dignity, work in team, trust each other, respect each other, openness, recognize and support employee and student contributions .

Professional and Personal Life :-

MSOET Ensures balance of professional and personal values among the faculty and students which results in the overall development of the individuals.